Following the interim measures made by the FFVL which resulted in the withdrawal of the order made by the Town Hall of Arles, a regional joint working between the Conservatoire du littoral, the natural park of camargue, boaters, the FFVL (schools and clubs) and the services of the State took place more than 6 months leading to the current zoning:

Everyone would like to navigate across the beaches of Beauduc and without restriction.

As a reminder the practice of kite is regulated since 2004 in the Mediterranean impressive to have a channel to go beyond the 300 m or an area to practice as soon as the markup from the beaches is installed. Beauduc and for different reasons this markup is not implemented.

The beach is on the public maritime domain it is therefore forbidden to circulate and yet a tolerance is made.

We ask all the kite community respect the devolved areas kitesurfing and especially do not navigate in areas protected as the basin. We can navigate afterward but to walk away from the beach of the sablons or by sea from North Beach.

The Park sets up a service "of eco-guards" to inform users. It would be very badly perceived that this initiative be displaced or offensive (as the weekend of 18 and 19 May) because in that regard, she recalls the regulations in force and tries to make sure everyone finds his place.

If the boxes are not met, it is the practice of kitesurfing on Beauduc who will be questioned at the risk that it be permanently prohibited.

We must show that kitesurfers are able to organize themselves and to respect and ensure respect vested spaces to our practice for its sustainability.

If you want to participate in the working groups, move you to a local club.

The collective of the clubs in Camargue