Ladies and gentlemen,

The association of the Camargue kitesurfers to need you.
You were numerous to propose your help on social networks.
Today, the AKSC is a collaborative work with the regional natural park project and the Conservatoire du Littoral. The objective is to structure the Kite activity and other uses of the beach of Beauduc.
We must be a source of proposals and take us in hand if we want to be heard.
These proposals we have them. Prevent behaviours at risk on the beach to reduce the risk of accidents and environmental degradation.
These proposals need funding and even once you were numerous to express yourself on the willingness of kitesurfers to take in hand to sustain their activity.
It is today and now that we need you to make this stronger project and work with the Park and the Conservatory so that future seasons do not resemble the 2015 season.
Participate in this project by supporting the AKSC.
Join, make a donation, we need you to complete this project.
Share, be many, we need you.